Innovative Venture Building

We partner with corporations, start-ups, and funds to innovate and de-risk the process of creating new future-proof business models with the potential to excel within 3-5 years.

A proven formula for creating and innovating new businesses

No Fees

We don’t require any kind of investment upfront. We make money together.

Talent Pool

Our ecosystem of experts blends venture-backed startup experience with corporate and industry knowledge. The best for building high-performance venture teams.


Each venture needs its own board, ensuring that each one of them, has the best possible team to grow new ideas and make the right decisions in time.


We co-invest from the immersion stage, right through to scale ensuring we have money on the lineand that we’re fully aligned on your incentives.


We’ve prepared an exact roadmap of how we do things. From conception to realization, that could guide you through a full transformation and innovation journey. Download our PDF for more information.

Why work with us

We are passionate about creating innovative business models that will impact your future. Our venture builder expertise enables us to deliver end-to-end support: from ideation to reality.

This is our business philosophy for selecting where and who we partner with:

Co-create value

Our first mandate is to create and add value for our partners. If we can’t do it, we have no purpose in the venture.

Result & data-driven

Because we have ‘skin in the game’, we must guarantee results. Data will boost business performance and validate our alchemist experts.

Scalable and Sustainable

This main driver becomes a gateway for selecting projects where our contribution will generate a long-term relationship.

Who do we work with


Opportunity Mapping
Strategy + Design
Internal Innovation
Hybrid Models


Business Model Validation
Incubation + Acceleration
Open Innovation
Fund Raising


Market Research
Co-Investment Models
Board + Talent Services

Don’t know where to start? Try here.

Strategy Workshop

Our team will guide you on how to organize your ideas. We’ll create and design the right strategy or model for you.

Let’s work together  

Rapid Project

We’ll  develop a project for  your business incubation & acceleration. Ready for testing in a matter of weeks.

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Our Clients

Our Team

We’re a diverse and international team drawn from a range of backgrounds and multi-professional disciplines. We bring a wide range of skills, experiences, and interests. Most importantly, we love what we do.


Alkimius brings a wealth of experience from leading management corporations, consulting firms, and industry-leading startups, ensuring we deliver the highest quality venture-building services.


Our extensive ecosystem and network of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the venture-building journey. Alkimius transcends its frontiers to combine the best possible talent for your venture’s success.

Let’s Work Together

Since 2018, we have built numerous ventures, generating extraordinary results and successful business models. Yours can be one too.

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Mexico – CDMX (HQ)
Brazil – Sao Paulo
Argentina – Buenos Aires
Uruguay – Punta del Este
Spain – Madrid

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This is our way

Our team prepared a brief guide which will take you step by step through our process. From inception, to conception. It's all in there.

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